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B1022-YT Rivet nut-CSK head-cylindrical open end
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B1022-YT Rivet nut-CSK head-cylindrical open end

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Category of rivet nuts. It is mainly used to add threaded connection structure on the plate. It is a threaded fastener that can be quickly fixed on the thin wall plate by riveting and provides internal thread support. It is widely used in automobile structures and battery trays, such as the assembly of automobile chassis, doors, interior trim, battery packs and other parts.
By material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc; According to the characteristics of the flange head, it can be divided into flat head type and countersunk head type (the extended type includes big hat and brim flower teeth); According to the hole type, there are through holes/blind holes; According to the characteristics of the rod: hexagonal (outer hexagonal/semi outer hexagonal, inner and outer hexagonal), cylindrical (including cylindrical external pattern), semi outer square; According to the surface treatment methods: polishing, electroplating (green blue zinc/yellow zinc/color zinc/zinc nickel alloy/tin plating), etc; According to the use function, there are single pieces and assembly pieces.

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