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B1131 Huck rivet
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B1131 Huck rivet

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Product introduction

Huck rivet variety. This product, also known as boom rivet, uses the principle of Hooke's Law to stretch the rivet rod and push the rivet body cap end under the action of one-way tension through the Hack gun, and extrudes the smooth materials inside the human rivet body cap end to the screw groove, so that the rivet body cap end and the rivet rod form a 100% combination, producing permanent fastening force. Designed for high-strength connection, it is a fast and simple connection mode to prevent looseness. The complete riveting process generally takes only 5-8 seconds. This kind of fastening scheme is the most ideal in the situation where spot welding connection cannot or is not suitable.
Product characteristics:
1. It can be operated on one side, especially for blind riveting, with high efficiency, low noise, good seismic resistance and wide application fields.
2. It has high tightening force, strong shear resistance, tensile resistance and seismic resistance;
3. Suitable for riveting of sheet metal with high strength connection and high anti-seismic and anti loose requirements
Product application:
It is widely used in industrial production, such as body manufacturing, railway, construction and container. The main advantages in use include: large clamping force and stable performance, prevention of looseness, good seismic resistance, rapid installation, high shear and tensile strength.

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