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B6031 All steel open end sealing plug-low pressure
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B6031 All steel open end sealing plug-low pressure

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Varieties of all steel open rivet plugs. It is a kind of rivet plug in the open state, which is mainly used in the situations where local pipeline plugging is required for engines, hydraulic fluid equipment, fuel systems, fluid pressure control systems, etc. The rivet plug body and nail body are made of carbon steel. Use special riveting tools for installation.
Installation hole requirements:
1. The process hole tolerance is within the scope of the specification table.
2. The roundness error is less than t=0.05mm.
3. The surface roughness of the process hole shall meet Rz=10-30um compared with the imperial workpiece.
4. Avoid longitudinal scars and grooves on the process hole, otherwise the sealing and leak proof effect will be affected.
5. The process hole shall be free of grease and debris.
1. The sealing plug shall be installed in a clean working area.
2. The sleeve and core rod do not need additional cleaning or lubrication.

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