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  Our market development target:
  Selecting the blue ocean market as the goal, focusing on the high-end market, actively challenging the top market as the direction, jumping away from the competition in the Red Sea market and winning the market initiative.
  Five-three-four market development positioning development strategy
  “Five three”
  The automotive industry market, focusing on the car industry, focusing on attacking European and American models
  Domestic domestic market, focusing on foreign companies, focusing on the world's top 500
  Foreign export markets, focusing on European and American markets, focusing on attacking the US market
  Rail transit market, focusing on rail passenger cars, focusing on attacking high-speed trains
  Military industry market, focusing on aerospace, focusing on attacking aviation aircraft
  “four goals”
  Treat new customers as the main target to replace imported projects;
  Treating old customers with the main goal of developing new projects;
  For the automotive industry, the main goal is to focus on supporting enterprises;
  Treating potential markets, with innovative product processes as the main goal.