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  1. Technical advantages
  The company is a riveting enterprise that is positioned at the earliest stage in China for high-end products. It provides high-quality riveting parts with domestic independent property rights for customers at a price lower than imported products. After more than 20 years of development of high-end products, we have established technological advantages in all aspects of R&D and production. In the design and development process, the mold design specifications more than 2,000, accumulated a wealth of experience; in product development, testing technology development, digital simulation, the company increased research and development investment, and actively cultivate research and development talents, combined with Wuhan University production and research, currently Obtained 84 patents of valid patents and formed a strong comprehensive technical strength. The company is currently recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Hubei Provincial Department of Finance, the Hubei Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and the Hubei Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. In the production process, the company has accumulated rich experience in specializing in the production of tooling equipment, special testing equipment and heat treatment technology, and is at the leading level in China.
  2, brand advantage
  The company has been evaluated and certified by the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association's Solid Parts Branch, and has won the honorary title of ”Baolong Company's top-end professional rivet manufacturer in China, and the company's comprehensive strength ranks first in the national riveting industry“。 ”Baolong“ registered trademark, the main products ”blind rivet, riveted nut riveting“ in 2012, 2015 connected to obtain the brand-name product certificate, brand strategy adhere to lock high-end products, high-end market, high-end customers, develop into high-end products in China The largest scale, the earliest developed high-end market, the most rugged replacement manufacturer with the highest import capacity, currently focusing on riveting technology for 28 years, with high brand influence and reputation in the industry.
  3. Market share advantage
  The company's products are widely used in automotive, IT, electric drive electronic control, rail transit, engine, hydraulic machinery and other industries, has accumulated SAIC Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Shenlong Automobile, Shanghai Automotive, Hongfujin (Foxconn), Flextronics, Direct or indirect quality customers such as Chery Automobile, Zhongche Tangshan Railway Passenger Car, Zhongche Changchun Railway Passenger Car, and Zhongqi Qiqihar Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.
  4, sales network advantage
  The company's products are sold all over the world and exported to the United States, Italy, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia and other countries. The service area covers all regions of the country. The combination of direct sales and agency sales, offline sales channels and online operations. The company has resident marketing personnel in each city in China responsible for regional sales and services, and has set up a US EFG sales subsidiary to serve North American retailers or direct customers. It has formed a systematic sales network with certain sales network advantages. .
  5. Advantages of information technology platform
  The company's high-tech enterprise jointly recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, Hubei Finance Department, Hubei Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Hubei Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, and the R&D Center jointly established with Wuhan University was recognized as ”the school of Hubei Province“ by Hubei Science and Technology Department. Co-constructed R&D Center”, Hubei Intellectual Property Office identified as an intellectual property advantage enterprise in 2017, Hubei Development and Reform Commission identified the company as Hubei Enterprise Technology Center, and was recognized as the first in Hubei Province by the Hubei Provincial Economic and Information Technology Committee in 2018. The company has a certain information technology platform advantage in the invisible champion of the pillar industry segment.
  6, customer advantage
  The company's customers are concentrated in domestic and international large-scale enterprises such as automobiles, IT electronics, and rail transit. These customers are able to bring continuous, stable, high value-added and growing orders to the company, laying a solid foundation for the company's continued profitability. Since these large enterprises have higher certification standards for suppliers, stronger certification cycles, and limited quotas, they implement hierarchical management of suppliers. Once you become a supplier to these large customers and continue to supply products to them, there will be no major quality accidents or other conditions, and the supplier will not be replaced. In particular, continuous quality assurance, upgrade to a Class A supplier, the company can cooperate with customers from the time of product development, and is more conducive to the development of the market from the depth and breadth of the product line. The company entered the supplier system of these large customers earlier and has obvious customer certification first mover advantage. Therefore, the company has obvious customer advantages compared to other riveting parts suppliers in the same industry.
  7, quality advantage
  The riveting parts produced by the company belong to safety parts and play an important role in the final quality of the supporting products. Only through stable high-quality products can we win the market and win customers. Based on the high-end market, the company produces high-end products for high-end customers, strictly controls product quality, has accumulated rich experience in the production process of 28 years, and passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and GJB9001B quality management system certification, with obvious product quality. Advantage.
  8, talent advantage
  The riveting industry is an industry that is highly dependent on skilled workers. In the 28 years of professional production, the company has trained a large number of professional and skilled workers. These professional and skilled technicians are stable and lay an important foundation for the company to provide high quality products continuously and stably. It is the company that specializes in, is refined, strong, and The important capital of the large riveting industry. Therefore, the company has a strong talent advantage compared to new industry entrants or coastal companies with more frequent talent flows.