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B1051 Muitigrip rivet-button head
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B1051 Muitigrip rivet-button head

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Category of drum rivets. It is a kind of rivet that presents a drum shape to the pulling rivet bulge state. The processing of the rivet body rod of this kind of rivet is due to multiple bulge and concave points or grooves, so that the rivet can quickly fold and bulge at the concave points or grooves, and the radial size can rapidly expand during the pulling rivet process, so as to achieve clamping of different thickness ranges.
It can be used in the situation where the thin wall and thick wall change greatly, and can realize the riveting clamping under the condition of multi thickness, mainly used in automobile decoration, non-metallic components, soft material components and other occasions.
According to material, head type and drum shape, it can be divided into all steel/aluminum steel/all aluminum/stainless steel, flat head/round head, single drum/double drum/multiple drums, etc.

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