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B5012-TT Sleeve-Extruded type-flanged through hole
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B5012-TT Sleeve-Extruded type-flanged through hole

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Varieties of sleeves. It is applicable to the connection of aluminum profiles, providing inner hole or threaded support. According to the installation mode, flange shape, hole type, mouth surface shape and other characteristics, it can be divided into plug-in type and expansion type, flange type and flangeless type, through hole and blind hole, spline type and octagon type.
The sleeve nut can provide a high performance internal thread support for the frame shaped profile, which is usually used for aluminum profiles below 6 series. Its principle is to press the spline of the sleeve nut into the preformed hole of the profile through the embossing teeth, and squeeze the spline of the sleeve nut into the profile through the pressure to cause plastic deformation around the hole, and the deformed objects are squeezed into the guide groove, thus producing a locking effect.
The sleeve has the following characteristics:
1. The internal thread has high strength;
2. It has high anti falling force;
3. Blind hole sleeve has certain sealing function.

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